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"I wanted to create stories that read as if they came from the body of lost history. I had the sense, and have it now, that most of the history of most of the world has necessarily always been lost. And partly I wrote the stories to console myself for this loss, which I felt as a wound — a wound in the world, but also a personal wound, a loss as 'original' to me as some people think sin is to mankind. A powerful sense of challenge and joy resides for me in the notion that there is a vast repository of untold story I can make and remake."

-- from an interview by Françoise Palleau, Sources, Fall 1998

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"Portrait (with horse and others)"
Conceived, directed, and choreographed by Stephanie Gilman and K Tanzer
Song lyrics and texts by Patricia Eakins :: Music by Jon Madof

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Pierre Baptiste
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Hungry Girls

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