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15 Wildcat Road
Claryville, NY

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Map of 15 Wild Cat Rd
Claryville, NY 12725-5226

In the Catskills, by naturalist John Burroughs

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LaVerne Black: Photographs of Rural Landscape and the Agrarian Heritage

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Cozily furnished three-BR 1200 sq. ft.mobile home with writer's or artist's studio nestled at the base of Wildcat Mountain in Claryville, a quiet, picturesque hamlet in the town of Denning on the border of Sullivan and Ulster counties about 2-1/2 hours from New York. Peaceful getaway in semi-wilderness region, home to deer, foxes, and the occasional bear, where the firemen's breakfasts are the major social event.

Stream-front site with apple trees. Convenient to bicycling, fishing, and hiking (200 ft. from AMC Yellow Trail). Pleasing views and bird-watching opportunities in all directions. Amenities include washer and drier, screen house with picnic table, separate garage. Bed linens and blankets, cooking utensils, radio, toaster, simple outdoor grill.


May 15-June 15
1,500 USD/mo

June 15-September 15
2,000 USD/mo

September 15-October 15
1,500 USD/mo

Full-season rentals (Memorial Day-September 30) preferred and discounted. Hummingbird Hill is not rented for any period shorter than a month.

Rates do not include security deposit or utilities, which are estimated around 200 USD/season.

If interested, call Patricia or Peter at (212) 928-4227

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